Clean Up and Flourish or Pile Up and Perish

AGGREZZO INDUSTRIES PVT LTD is a start-up company, evolved out of concern for deteriorating living conditions of fellow beings and every other creature living now and for generations to come. It is a small effort to begin a mass movement program on the lines of society hygiene planning program, which is seen as the need of the hour to save every society from Health and Hygiene crisis. An initiative for launching a mass movement among different segments that form an impediment to Health and Hygiene starting with waste management and moving on to Health and ultimately a Total Environmental Remedy and Preventive Care.


Perfect Animal Protein Rendering Solution

Municipal Waste Management

 Automatic Municipal Solid Waste Segregating Machine

“The best way to keep streets clean is not too dirty them in the first place”

Beginning by identifying the most basic but critical issue in Waste Management and offering a solution by launching a mass movement that will ensure all food and kitchen garbage is properly disposed at the source itself. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen and inhabitant of the society to participate in the process and be accountable for proper garbage disposal. Most Importantly Waste Disposal at Source, Enabling major achievements and breakthrough in the Health Sector.